18th & 19th December 2021

Challengers Challenge X'ONE

A hybrid-tourney exclusive to Challengers India - Badminton Community. An ultimate mix of advanced to professional players of different ages compete in this nail-biting contest. X-ONE stands for Eleven i.e., 11th edition for the community.

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*Will be available from 17-12-2021 06:00 PM

Challengers India
Community Players

INR 60,000
in Cash Prizes

Round Robin and

Yonex Mavis 350

Trophies to
Top Four Teams

Participation Medals
to All Players





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Early-bird Fee:

Rs. 999*

Registration for this category is closed.


Early-bird Fee:

Rs. 999*

Registration for this category is closed.

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Important Rules & Available Perks

Please read them carefully.

  1. This is a non-restricted tourney.  Any amateur or professional players can participate.
  2. The age restriction for Men’s Doubles combined 75+ is calculated taking the age effective as on 31st March 2022.
  3. The early-bird participation fee for this tourney events is Rs. 899 only and is valid for first 20 registrations only.
  4. The standard participation fee is Rs. 999 only.
  5. Groups of 5 teams will be formed for round-robin plays at the league level.
  6. Top 4 teams from each group shall qualify for knock-out clashes.
  7. In a case of a tie (points wise) at group level – the winner among the two teams shall advance to further round.
  8. Knock-out draws shall be done in realtime.
  9. All the league level and quarter finals shall have 30 points games.
  10. The semi-finals, third place and finals shall be played for 21 points x 3 per game.
  11. Yonex MAVIS 350 nylon shuttles shall be used throughout the tournament. 
  12. Proper gear along with non-marking shoes are mandatory to be able to participate in the competition.
  13. Players should be double-vaccinated and must adhere to COVID19 safety protocols for their own and everyones safety.
  14. Umpires decision is Final. In case of any dispute, the referee shall interfere and decision taken should be accepted by all parties.
  15. Any Challengers India community players participating in other LOCAL tourneys on the days of CCXI are not be eligible for the Annual Championship Award & shall be barred from participating in future.
  16. Any misconduct, manipulation, unruly behaviour from players will result in immediate DISQUALIFICATION from all events. 
  17. Every participant shall be punctual and should go as per the schedule. 
  18. Participants are requested to furnish accurate details i.e., Full Names, DOB or age etc.,
  19. For the Semi-finalists of Challengers Challenge X – last years event the entry fee is waived off and the same shall be refunded later.
  20. The performance of players will be continuously monitored by the panel. The exposure in CCXI will be used as the basis for selection into CUBZ team event in March 2022. The Teams for CUBZ will be formed in the month of January 2022.
  1. Breakfast / snacks and lunch are provided to all participants.
  2. Bananas, Electral drinks shall be made available.
  3. Physio shall be available on the tourney days.
  4. Participation medals shall be awarded to all participants.
Frequently Asked Questions

This event is open for any professional or amateur player from Challengers India – Badminton Community.

Yes. You absolutely can. You have to register for each format separately.

Yes. Please refer the categories of your interest for the same.

All the popular payment methods are available. Click on the “Register” button to explore.

All the winners will be rewarded in various forms with cash prizes or trophies or medals or certificates or one or more..

No refund shall be issued under any circumstances. Please make sure you register only if you are sure about participating.

More information about the competition

Please read the following terms & conditions carefully.

  1. The within terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) entitled “Challengers Challenge X’ONE” (the “Competition”) in the sport Badminton and in formats Men’s Doubles (Open) and Men’s Combined (75+) both – This is an exclusive event for Challengers India – curated, organised and brought to you by gearr.in – which is an applied trademark for C41 works private limited, its respective licensees, assigns, parents affiliates and/or its promoters (the “Company”) intends to run during 2021 and from which the Company shall select an unspecified number of works to be exhibited online or at locations and times to be confirmed by the Company (the “Exhibition”).
  2. By entering this competition, (the “Participant”) accepts these terms and conditions as set out hereinafter and the entrant further accepts that the terms and conditions of this competition may be altered, amended, varied or otherwise modified by the company at any time up to and including the final determination of the competition and that such alteration, amendment or variation may be made orally or in writing and at all times the terms and conditions are at the sole discretion of the company.
  3. The competition is open to all amateur and professional players or participants of age 13 years or above and entries are permitted from the geographical regions of India. 
  4. Challengers India is an independent community with a group of badminton players both amateur and professional. gearr.in is proudly curating and organising the competition for Challengers India.
  5. The competition registrations shall close at 23:59 Hours on Saturday, the 14th of December, 2021. Entries received after this date and time shall not be considered for entry under any circumstances. The Company reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to extend the Closing date of the competition for a reasonable period of time and where so extended the date upon which the Company decide to be the subsequent closing date shall be the closing date for the purposes of these terms and conditions.
  6. In order to enter the competition, all entrants shall complete the registrations in the respective formats using the webpage https://www.gearr.in/tourneys/xone/ or our event booking partner or both. Participant must follow all directions on page https://www.gearr.in/tourneys/xone/.
  7. Participants are reminded that all activities you do at the venue must conform to all health and safety standards and regulations.
  8. In addition, the Company reserves the right to disqualify a Player or Team, where in the reasonable view of the Company: i) The work does cheating or unprofessional conduct or misbehaviour or one or more of these ii) The Participant cannot be contacted; iii) The Participant does not report at the mentioned or allotted time.
  9. The competition is not open to employees, directors, officers, and agents or servants of the C41 Works Pvt Ltd, Gearr.in, their respective licensees, assigns, parents, affiliates and/or subsidiary companies, and their immediate family members of their households.
  10. The judges / referees shall be appointed by the affiliated body in such number and of such qualification as it sees fit at its sole discretion. The Judges’ decision shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into. All the matches/games will be judged as per the rules and regulation of the affiliated body and there will be no segregation by locality, genre or style etc.
  11. Entries shall be only through online at https://www.gearr.in/tourneys/xone/ followed by the respective format of sport webpages.
  12. The Participant shall be responsible for all costs associated to sports gear required for the participation of this event. Gearr.in or it’s alliances or its employees shall not be responsible in any way for the injuries caused to the participants.
  13. By registering, the Participant agrees to the Company collecting, retaining, processing, or otherwise utilizing the Participant’s personal information solely for the purposes of processing the Participant’s entry to the competition, the promotion and administration of the competition and the creation of the exhibition. The Participant’s personal information will not be shared with third parties or otherwise processes for alternative purposes without the Participant’s consent.
  14. By completing the registration and by providing any further information to the Company in relation to the competition, the Participant warrants that all such information supplied is truthful, accurate, and not misleading or otherwise incomplete. Where it reasonably or justifiably appears to the company, that the Participant is in breach of this warranty, or where the company understands or apprehends there to be a risk that the Participant, has or will bring the competition or the company into disrepute, the company shall be entitled to take such steps as are necessary to conclude the Participant’s involvement in the competition forthwith.
  15. The Participant shall not make, or permit any person to make, any public announcement, communication or circular (announcement), be it verbal, written or howsoever broadcast on any platform to include (without limitation) social media, on or concerning the existence, subject matter, results or terms of the competition, the wider transactions contemplated by it, or the relationship between the parties, without the prior written consent of the company save where such information is already in the public domain or the express written consent of the company is provided. Breach of this section shall be treated as a breach of confidentiality and shall be considered a material breach of these terms and conditions.
  16. There are cash prizes for few formats of games. All the rewards are as mentioned on the competition page.
  17. All the photographs taken or submitting to gearr.in relating to the event shall be property of the company i.e., gearr.in or it’s alliances. The same may be used for Social Media promotion or various other channels.
  18. The Company reserves the right to deny admission to the competition, or withdraw a work from the competition or exhibition if for any reason the work, or any circumstances surrounding the display of the work, appears to the Company to expose it to risk of legal proceedings, reputational damage or other potential loss or if the Work acts in any way detrimental to the brand of the Company.
  19. Each Participant, by entering the gearr.in Tourney’s confirms that they hold all intellectual property rights in the work and that they have obtained prior written approval for the use of any third party copyrighted material contained in the submitted work.
  20. The company shall be at liberty to assign or license their rights in such footage or other materials without the prior consent of the Participant and the Participant hereby agrees to forego all injunctive or other legal remedies with the intent of restraining the use by the company of all footage or material obtained, in any jurisdiction. The Participant is hereby notified of its entitlement to obtain independent legal advice prior to the entry of this competition, whether the Participant choses avail of such advice or not.
  21. The Participant hereby waives (i) all moral rights as may exist in any footage or imagery or other materials obtained that contain the Participant’s work and (ii) all such equivalent or commensurate rights as may exist in any other jurisdiction worldwide. The Participant furthermore agrees to not permit, or cause to be instituted, legal proceedings in any jurisdiction any claim regarding any infringement of moral (or commensurate rights), or claim regarding any alleged derogatory treatment of the Participant’s work.
  22. Participants will allow the work to be photographed and reproduced by the gearr.in Tourney’s or Competitions for the purposes of promoting the exhibition including; catalogue, press and publicity and websites in all territories.
  23. By entering the gearr.in All Tourney’s or Competitions, Participants are agreeing to all of the within Conditions of entry. The Company’s decision on all matters pertaining to the above is final. The Company reserves the right, at any time, and from time to time to amend, modify, vary, or discontinue the terms of this competition.
  24. The Participant acknowledges that in entering into these terms and conditions, it does not rely on, and shall have no remedies in respect of, any statement, representation, assurance or warranty (whether made innocently or negligently) that is not set out in this agreement.
  25. These terms and condition (as may be amended from time to time) constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes and extinguishes all previous agreements, promises, assurances, warranties, representations and understandings between them, whether written or oral, relating to its subject matter.
  26. The Participant shall indemnify the Company against all liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and losses (including but not limited to any direct, indirect or consequential losses, loss of profit, loss of reputation and all interest, penalties and legal costs (calculated on a full indemnity basis) and all other reasonable professional costs and expenses) suffered or incurred by the Company arising out of or in connection with any breach of these terms by the Participant.
  27. This competition and the within terms and conditions, and all questions relating thereto shall be governed by English law and shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
  1. Participants who submit their artwork to the “gearr.in” (herein after referred as “Gearr”) website Arts, Crafts and Sporting activities /  competition and have any chosen for participation in the current and subsequent  competitions / tourneys agree to the following; That Gearr be granted usage of the chosen participants photographs, videos or any other form of data collected recorded or created during the event, for display, marketing and promotional purposes for that competitions/Tourneys, and for any future Gearr themed Sport competitions/tourneys and that usage of that image(s) is limited to any Gearr press releases, Gearr event presentations, Gearr articles, Gearr graphics, Gearr slide shows, Gearr presentations, Gearr event materials and for use on the Gearr website.
  2. The participant further agrees that Gearr can maintain an archive of the chosen photographs or videos or any other form of data for a period five (5) years or more after the competition for the purpose of a historical documentation and as a record of past themed shows/competitions/tourneys. This archive will be available for public viewing and be limited to the Gearr website (gearr.in). Gearr will credit each image creator with the Participant Name, File Name, and the Participants Website, if applicable. The Participant and Gearr, both shall maintain all copyrights of any images that are submitted to Gearr.
  3. All images contained herein or attached to this website are the property of the Participant but also usable by Gearr as mentioned in the first para. The Participant and Gearr, both shall retain the copyright and all applicable rights to said images. No images may be copied or downloaded from this website.
  4. Participant should read the website’s Terms and Conditions page and entry into any competitions or tourneys conducted by Gearr, the Participant is agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and the Rules.

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